At the age of four, Elysia sat down at the family piano and began her journey. Those first notes conjuring a love of music that would carry her into adulthood. Today, Elysia’s raw sound reverberates through the rise and fall of every note. You can feel it.

Raised in a music-filled home on Canada’s west coast, Elysia’s alt pop sound feels authentic, because it is.

Tenacious and curious, Elysia began to write and sing her own songs- people took notice. A serendipitous encounter led her to work with a Grammy winning producer in Vancouver, an experience that would add soul and depth to her music.

Known for her alternative fresh sound, Elysia brings a vulnerability to her songwriting- creating the kind of music that lingers long after the final note.

In 2019, Elysia completed her Associate Diploma of the Royal Conservatory of Music (ARCT) in piano performance with Honours. The following year, Elysia graduated with a Bachelor of Music in Jazz Studies from Vancouver Island University at the age of twenty.


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